Durban Gen actor Zuluboy’s ‘life in danger’ as powerful Sangoma threatens to strike him

Durban Gen actor Zuluboy’s ‘life in danger’ as powerful Sangoma threatens to strike him

The two artists under uMkhonto Wesizwe Party Creative Council are at loggerheads over an alleged stolen car.

The rapper Zuluboy and inyanga Mpamehlangene Gwala have allegedly sworn enemies. Mpamehlangene has threatened to deal with Zuluboy using muthi after he allegedly called him a thief.

The two used to be close friends, and Zuluboy used to visit Mpamehlangene for consultation.

The self-proclaimed popular inyanga said Zuluboy, whose real name is Mxolisi Majozi, is big-headed and disrespects him after he allegedly helped him when he was a homeless, down-and-out artist.


Meanwhile, Zuluboy has stood his ground and said he won’t apologise for calling Mpamehlangene a thief.

This all started with a car that was stolen or lost.

It is alleged that Zuluboy is accusing Mpamehlangene of selling his car without his consent. But when the publication reached out to the rapper, he refused to provide details, saying that would make Mpamehlangene famous.

“I don’t want to talk about him. This person is going around saying he’s giving me three weeks to apologise. He has been threatening me forever. I’m not going to lock myself up in the house fearing for my life. Life goes on.

“He wants to be popular by using my name. I’m not going to give him that satisfaction by apologising or tell the world about incidents leading to this hate. I’m the victim here, not him,” Zuluboy said.


Mpamehlangene said: “Who is he to call me a thief? I’ve never stolen anything. I’m a family man with houses and cars. He knows what happened to his car but accuses me of stealing it.

“He’ll never lead artists. Most artists don’t like him. I’ve received calls from different artists, telling me how he had betrayed them. Some MK party members have spoken to me, asking me to let this matter go.”

He said he helped Zuluboy when he was unemployed.

“He used to come to me. I cleansed and gave him the traditional cuts for good luck in 2019. He got the job at Durban Gen and his career started to pick up. Now to him, I’m a thief? He knows I’m a powerful inyanga. I travel to Ghana, Malawi, and Tanzania to collectstrong muthi. I can make him mad, walk around naked, if he continues calling me a thief. This boy must grow up and stop acting like a kid,” Mpamehlangene said.


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