Passion Link Bus Fire Latest: ZRP Releases Names of Passengers Burnt Beyond Recognition

Passion Link Bus Fire Latest: ZRP Releases Names of Passengers Burnt Beyond Recognition

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released the identities of the eight victims who were burnt beyond recognition when a Passion Link bus carrying Anglican church pilgrims caught fire last month. The pilgrims were returning from the Bernard Mizeki Annual Festival in Marondera.

The bus, carrying 66 passengers, caught fire, and while 58 managed to escape, eight people were presumed dead.

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Accident Details

The ZRP has now released the names of the eight victims. In a statement on Wednesday, police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the victims were identified through DNA analysis conducted by the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi urged the victims’ families to contact ZRP Rusape Traffic for more information.

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Names of Passion Link Bus Fire Victims

IHarare presents the full statement below:

Reference is made to the Zimbabwe Republic Police, post on the X platform and press statement released on 17. June 2024 concerning a fatal road traffic accident which occurred at the 26-kilometre peg along Nyabadza-Gandanta Road on 16. June 2024 at around 1900 hours.

DNA analysis for the eight bodies was carried out at National University of Science and Technology and the victims were identified as follows:-

      • Charity Nyamapfeni
      • Annie Miti
      • Gladys Sarutani Gumiro
      • Viola Nyambabvu
      • Winnie Chiremba
      • Agnes Miti
      • Magaret Mupangabure
      • Bradley Mukwane

Relatives of the victims are urged to get in touch with ZRP Rusape Traffic for full information. The Zimbabwe Republic Police implores drivers and bus owners to be safety conscious to safeguard human lives on the roads.

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Cause of Fire Revealed

Investigations into the cause of the accident revealed that the bus had experienced several mechanical issues, including a faulty clutch. As the bus approached the 26-kilometer mark, passengers noticed smoke coming from the engine, prompting the driver to stop and investigate. Tragically, when the driver opened the engine cover near the passengers’ door, a ball of fire engulfed the entire bus.

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