Pokemon Fan Creates Realistic Version of Sprigatito

A Pokemon fan created a realistic illustration of the Paldea starter Sprigatito. The Grass-type Pokemon was first introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as part of Gen 9. Over the years, Pokemon has presented several monsters whose designs are combinations of real-life animals with objects. One of them is Sprigatito, who is an adorable Grass-type cat Pokemon and one of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s starters, along with Quaxly and Fuecoco.

Given how both cats and Pokemon have really large fanbases, cat-like Pokemon are often the inspiration for official merchandise or fan creations. Occasionally, fans will use fan art to interpret what these cute creatures would look like if they existed. One Sprigatito lover envisioned the feline’s image in reality.

The Pokemon fan shared an incredible illustration of a realistic version of Sprigatito. Using markers and ink, Reddit user DreamShiftThing interpreted a real-life Sprigatito by giving it the anatomy of a real cat. The fan went with a shade of ivory for the fur and gave the Pokemon big green leaves around its head and neck, similar to the game’s original design.

Under the post’s thread, many fans were impressed by the original artist’s talent and creativity. One comment asked if there would be a realistic Meowscarada in the future, to which the artist responded positively but not without drawing Floragato first. Of course, a realistic interpretation of Floragato would be very interesting since it has one of the best designs among Grass-type Pokemon.

Source: gamerant

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