Secret Romance: Chipo Muchegwa’s New Boyfriend Stirs Excitement and Curiosity

Chipo Muchegwa Sparks Social Media Frenzy with New Boyfriend Reveal

Chipo Muchegwa has set social media abuzz with the revelation that she has a new boyfriend.

Typically private about her personal life, Muchegwa took to her official Facebook page to share glimpses of her new love.

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Chipo Muchegwa Shares Video With Mystery New Boyfriend

The Ndezvemoyo songstress, clearly head over heels, captioned a video of herself in her man’s car with, “Love is a beautiful thing.” She even affectionately referred to him as hubby and even shared a kiss with him off-camera.

You can view the video below:

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Fans Curious About Muchegwa’s New Man

Muchegwa’s loyal fans were quick to flood the comments section and pleaded with her in the comments to reveal his identity. While some expressed joy at Muchegwa finding love, others jokingly suggested that she was hiding his identity because he might be married. However, Muchegwa laughed off these insinuations. Here are some of the comments:

Debra Makah Nhimura:

Chipochashe Muchegwa am happy for you l don’t know y am blushing 😊 kutobuda tumusodzi may God bless u l love u Chipo

Busisiwe Chawareerwa:

Mkwasha ngaabudikire

Gringo’s Statements:

I know that hand Chipochashe Muchegwa. Ko wakatanga kudanana rinhi naye? Watch yaakapfeka iyo akatenga ndinaye..

Sara Kelly:

Beautiful asi tikuda kuona face nhai chipo


Chipo Chipo Chipo how many times did i call your name. Siyana ne n’anga idzo. You will thank me tmrw

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Past Relationship Challenges

Chipo Muchegwa has had her fair share of relationship challenges in the past. She shares a daughter with fellow musician Sniper Storm, and the two were previously embroiled in a highly publicized child support dispute.

Muchegwa, who lives with a disability, had reportedly resorted to begging to provide for her child after Sniper Storm allegedly neglected his parental responsibilities.

In a radio interview last year, Muchegwa revealed that she has since reconciled with Sniper Storm and the two are now on good terms.

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