Why Barron Trump remains absent from public eye?

Being a son of a high-profile personality, with an extravagant lifestyle and sittings with celebrities sounds cool, however, those who are conscious of this social setting understand the harsh reality, such as Melania Trump.

Therefore, the former first lady and the wife of former president Donald Trump endeavors to keep her son Barron Trump away from political and high-profile gatherings, according to Inquisitr.

Barron has been privileged to be a son of such a billionaire and yet it has its drawbacks as the 18-year-old is currently struggling with.

The youngest Trump is rarely seen smiling in pictures and also there are a very limited number of photographs of him with his parents.
He also appears very less on public occasions and sometimes he seems glum, sparking debate among social media users about why he seems so serious, unlike other children who enjoy and feel fresh when they interact with other people.

The son of the 53-year-old former model is also absent from social media, as children of high-profile people face extra scrutiny to avert any harm that could occur to them through such platforms.

When Trump was in the Oval Office, the 18-year-old Barron was rarely seen with the couple as children of others were by their parents. Because the first family usually appears with their parents.

Currently, this is the case as the Trump family is somehow completely engulfed in the White House campaign of the 77-year-old, except Barron. He also avoids sitting and appearing with celebrities at functions.

Barron has recently turned 18 and is under the focused supervision of her mother who has also been absent for long from the public eye because of her son.

Source: BBC

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