“Zimbabwe’s Internet Is Faster Than the UK”: Liquid Intelligent Technologies CEO Makes Shocking Claim

“Zimbabwe’s Internet Is Faster Than The UK”, Says Liquid Intelligent Technologies CEO

Zimbabwe’s internet infrastructure has recently come under the spotlight with claims that it surpasses the speeds of several developed nations.

This comes after Wellington Makamure, the Southern Africa Regional Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, boldly stated that Zimbabwe’s internet speed is faster than that of countries like the United Kingdom.

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Claims of Superior Internet Speed

Makamure revealed these surprising insights while speaking to Business Times, emphasizing that Zimbabwe’s fibre internet infrastructure is highly advanced.

He asserted that Zimbabwe is a pacesetter in this field, even outperforming cities like London in terms of internet speed.

“When it comes to fibre, we are the pacesetters. We beat London. Firstly, I would like you to do the internet speed tests in Zimbabwe and then do the same when you go to the developed world and you compare.”

Combating Negative Perceptions

Makamure urged people to conduct speed tests in Zimbabwe and then compare the results to those in the developed world, noting that the negative perception of poor internet coverage and connectivity in Zimbabwe often deters investors.

He emphasized that the prevailing negative perceptions about Zimbabwe’s internet coverage and speed are misleading and detrimental to investment opportunities.

“When we don’t talk about it, the message from outside is negative and it affects our country and investments. It’s a sad reality. If you compare our capacity and capability with the rest of Africa and Europe in some instances you will be surprised,” he explained.

Comparing International Standards

Makamure shared his personal experiences to illustrate his point. He recounted a recent trip to the United Kingdom where he experienced frequent signal drops while travelling from London to Birmingham by train.

I was in London last month, I took the journey from London to Birmingham by train and I was talking to people in our office in the capital there and the signals dropped on various occasions.

Despite using multiple networks through roaming, he claims that he faced connectivity issues, which he found comparable to, if not worse than, those in Zimbabwe.

The way we cry when the networks drop here is just too much. This happens to the rest of the world as signals dropped on all five networks in England because I was on roaming,” he noted.

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