Anger As “Broke” Air Zimbabwe Serves Mazoe Orange Crush During A Flight

Anger As “Broke” Air Zimbabwe Serves Mazoe Orange Crush During A Flight

Some sections of social media are up in arms with embattled national carrier Air Zimbabwe for serving Mazoe Orange Crush on a flight recently.

Air Zimbabwe has been basking this week after relaunching a one-day return flight to Tanzania. Previously, flights to Tanzania included a long journey via Ethiopian Airlines that passed through Zambia, connected in Lilongwe, Malawi before making another stop in Blantyre enroute to Dar-es-Salaam.

In an announcement on X on 19 March, Air Zimbabwe beamed:

“It was a good day to fly with Air Zimbabwe as we deployed the BIG girl, B767 Chimanimani, for our special one-day return trip to #Tanzania. The re-introduction of special flights is part of Air Zimbabwe’s #strategic turnaround plan as the business seeks to reclaim its market share. Currently, Air Zimbabwe flies three times a week to Tanzania, and 177 passengers booked today’s flight✈️ #FlyAirZimbabwe.”

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Air Zimbabwe Serves Mazoe Orange Crush On A Flight

As the flight carrier gleamed from the flight relaunch, one passenger took to X to express his annoyance. Airlines usually serve fizzy drinks, 100% juices, wine, gins or just water. However, Air Zimbabwe had a pleasant surprise.


Air Zimbabwe Flight Mazoe
Anger As Broke Air Zimbabwe Serves Mazoe Orange Crush During A Flight [Image: Air Zimbabwe/X]


The disgruntled flier shared:

“I’ll never forgive you for mixing Mazoe for us mid flight 😭 But I wish you well.”

Air Zimbabwe was quick to respond:

“Hey, Goddy, apologies for such an experience. However, sometimes we face shortages of juices or a variety of soft drinks, and as an airline that values and is well known for its great hospitality, we had to serve the Mazowe orange crush. We are working on resolving this, as we want you to have an amazing experience with us on your next flight. #FlyAirZimbabwe”


Zimbos Show No Mercy For The National Carrier

Social media users were unimpressed by Air Zimbabwe’s response.


“You have been serving mazoe for a while now. This makes it sound like it was a once off.”


“You better not have a shortage of parts too.”


“Shortage when passengers paid?Kasi mokwidza vanhu nechikwereti?” 


“I heard it feels like flying in a truck😭” 


“Next kupiwa kambucha chete.” 


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