Starlink Ordered to Shut Down Services in Zimbabwe by Government

Starlink Ordered to Shut Down Services in Zimbabwe by Government

Starlink Shuts Down Services in Zimbabwe Following Government Order

In an unexpected development, Starlink has switched off services in Zimbabwe after being ordered to do so by the country’s regulatory authority the Postal & Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).

While not officially available in the country, Zimbabweans were able to use Starlink thanks to its regional (continental) and global roaming features.

POTRAZ recently launched a crackdown on individuals and companies found using Starlink without the necessary license or authorization, citing a violation of the Postal and Telecommunications Act. Several offenders have already been taken to court.

The decision to block Starlink in Zimbabwe comes as a surprise, as Potraz Director-General Dr. Gift Machengete had previously indicated that the regulatory authority had no plans to restrict the satellite internet provider owned by Elon Musk.

Starlink issued a statement addressed to a customer, informing them of the POTRAZ directive to suspend services in Zimbabwe. In the notice, Starlink expressed its commitment to working with POTRAZ to obtain the required approvals for operating in the country. The customer was encouraged to contact POTRAZ to voice support for Starlink’s approval in Zimbabwe.

“You are currently using Starlink in an unauthorized territory. As a result, Starlink has been directed by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) to disable your service. We will continue to work with POTRAZ to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to turn on Starlink services in Zimbabwe as soon as possible. We encourage you to contact POTRAZ at the. or +263 242 333032 to communicate your support for Starlink to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals in Zimbabwe,” part of the notice reads.

Starlink advised the client to pause service and billing or to continue using it in a country outside Zimbabwe where it is approved. They also assured the client that as soon as it is given the green light to operate in the country it will let them know.

“You may pause service and billing by following the instructions here or continue service and use your Starlink service in an area we currently serve (see map here). If you opt to pause service, you can reach out to support and we will issue a service credit for any remainder of the current billing period. As soon as we receive regulatory approvals to turn on Starlink services in Zimbabwe, we will let you know,” the notice from Starlink concludes.

You can read the full statement below:

Starlink switches off services in Zimbabwe following pressure from POTRAZ (Image: Zimdaily)

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