Zimbabwean Woman On The Run After Killing Her Husband By Scalding In Capetown

Zimbabwean Woman On The Run After Killing Her Husband By Scalding In Capetown

A Zimbabwean woman is reportedly evading authorities after an altercation in Capetown led to the scalding of her husband, which ultimately led to his death.

Identified as Blessing Shumba on social media, the woman gained attention after purportedly causing fatal injuries to her spouse, Moses Mutukwa, using boiling water. The motive behind the incident remains undisclosed. Some comments seem to point to a lovers’ quarrel between the two.

Search for Suspect Underway

Following the attack, Blessing Shumba absconded from the scene, prompting a search by law enforcement officials. Calls for information on her whereabouts have circulated on social media platforms, with appeals for cooperation with the police.

Some online voices advocate for Shumba to surrender herself to authorities, potentially seeking leniency in legal proceedings. Meanwhile, mourners gather to bid farewell to the deceased, Moses Mutukwa, whose funeral arrangements are already in motion.

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Moses Mutukwa and Blessing’s love story

Woman scalds husband in capetown
Woman scalds husband in Capetown-Image Source@Facebook

Reports from online sources suggest a shared history between the couple. Allegedly former classmate Moses Mutukwa had a prior marriage and children, circumstances that have sparked speculation and debate. A comment on his Facebook, when he married Blessing, pointed to the fact that he abandoned his children financially.

Their social media activity depicted a seemingly affectionate relationship, leaving observers puzzled by the tragic turn of events. The two would always post pictures together and those of each other showing deep love for each other.

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Social media reactions and comments

Some of the comments on social media show pity and mixed reactions. Many people are against the use of violence when dealing with conflict in relationships. Below are some of the comments:

@Tendai Mpofu

Asi hakuchina ngozi here nhym vanhu zvovongourayana nyore nyore kudai

@Witty Gor

Stay solo don’t get married,take it or leave it

Shoko Dprince Gordy

Killing someone zvongoda kuitwa nevaya vatinot retired humans, I can imagine living with guilty til to the grave


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