AKA’s parents react to the book spotlighting AKA and Anele Tembe’s relationship

Excerpts from a book about Kiernan “AKA” Forbes and Anele Tembe’s love story have been shared on social media.

The book is set to be published this week.

Some of the details contained include how a month after AKA paid lobola for Anele, she had allegedly thrown her engagement ring at him the night before she died.

In a social media post, author and journalist Melinda Ferguson said a leak forced her to go public about the release of her book despite her intention to keep it under wraps until the last minute.

AKA’s parents, however, have described the timing of the release of the book, titled “When Love Kills: The Tragic Tale of Anele and AKA” as distasteful and opportunistic.

Tony and Lynn Forbes have made it clear that they are not in any way associated with the book and do not endorse the contents of the book.

Anele Tembe’s father, Moses, is quoted in the book as saying he regrets not doing more to protect his daughter after she told him Forbes was allegedly hurting her.

He adds that he lives with regret for not being there for his daughter when she needed him the most.

The book also goes into detail about how Anele was allegedly uneasy about Ntombezinhle Mohosana popularly known as DJ Zinhle, the mother of the rapper’s daughter.


In other news – Anele Tembe attempted suicide before her death

Months before Anele Tembe allegedly fell to her death after a heated argument with her boyfriend, AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes, she tried to take her own life in a failed suicide bid off another high-rise building, Durban’s Hilton Hotel.

Anele Tembe attempted suicide before her death

The young woman, a qualified chef, was talked off the ledge by police and her cousin, claimed TimesLive. According to AKA, Anele suffered from depression and was suicidal, a claim her father, Moses Tembe, has vehemently refuted. Read More

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