ANC takes election campaign to Cape Town

The African National Congress (ANC) is taking its election campaign to the Cape Town Metro this weekend. ANC Deputy President Paul Mashatile is set to hold various engagements with religious community leaders in Cape Town today. He will also be holding door-to-door campaigning in various townships tomorrow.

The first area to be visited by Mashatile is Langa township, where he will be involved in what he calls a religious sector engagement in a community hall. From there he will be hosted by the Muslim Judiciary Council of South Africa at Rylands. The ANC lost power in the Western Cape in 2009 and the Democratic Alliance has governed the province since then.

This is despite the fact that the party has strongholds in some of the townships in the Cape Flats. Currently, the ANC is the official opposition in both the provincial legislature and in the City of Cape Town Metro.

Source: eNCA

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