Big Sean Says He Can’t Trust People Who Don’t Use Electric Toothbrushes

Big Sean has declared that he doesn’t trust people who refuse to use electric toothbrushes. The Detroit rapper offered his thoughts on dental hygiene in an Instagram video posted on Thursday (June 20). “See, I got my teeth cleaned at my dentist’s office,” he said. “These are my teeth, no veneers, no whitening. First of all, if you ain’t got no electric toothbrush, I can’t even trust you if you ain’t got no electric toothbrush.”

Big Sean

He added: “You’re really playing with your life, especially if you got a $500 phone. You don’t have an electric toothbrush? Like what? Be great. Get your priorities right. And get your teeth cleaned. Stay healthy.”


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As well as people who use manual toothbrushes, Big Sean recently expressed his annoyance at the state of X, formerly Twitter. Discussing the amount of adult content that’s now on the social media platform since it was bought by Elon Musk, Sean compared X to a porn site.

“Its hornier than pornhub on here, sheesh. Damn near gotta be dolo just to open dis b*tch up… this is NOT one them tweets to drop no freaky shit under either,” he wrote.

Big Sean

Big Sean’s post led to others joking about the lyrical content of his music, which has often been referred to as raunchy.

“bots posting too much ass for the author of ‘dance (a$$)’ smh fix the app,” writer Craig Jenkins joked, while someone else tweeted: “This man-made ASS ASS ASS and even he’s sick of all the ass online, ain’t that something?”

Sean’s change in stance may be down to his increased focus on mindfulness as he announced a self-help book.

Big Sean

“Besides the music, another project that’s been years in the making and it’s finally time,” he explained in an Instagram video.

“I can’t even believe it for real. But anyone who has known me since I signed my record deal knows if you look at my old YouTube, I’ve always been about speaking from the heart, following your intuition, and checking in with yourself mentally, because that’s how I was raised.”

He continued: “That’s the upbringing that was surrounding me with my family. It was a lot of elevated thinkers. They’d give me gems and these books that I eventually read. If it wasn’t for the methods that I applied to my life, I for sure wouldn’t be here today, period.

Big Sean

“I took all the lessons I learned, all the philosophies mixed with real-life experiences, and condensed what works for me into these five strategies that really will teach you what success means to you and show you what your purpose is if you don’t already know.”

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