Coming up on Isitha: The Enemy this July 2024

Coming up on Isitha: The Enemy this July 2024

Coming up on Isitha: The Enemy this July 2024: Rebs leaves Nolitha with a stern warming. Back at the mansion Rebs realises something she can’t share. Velaphi introduces his new self to his mother, and it leaves her speechless.

Monday 1 July 2024
Episode 46 (291)

The Prodigal Son

The sudden arrival of a highly missed Velaphi stuns the family, as they try to reconcile with the new reality.

Tuesday 2 July 2024
Episode 47 (292)

The Child Of A Snake, Is A Snake

Rebs leaves Nolitha with a stern warming. Back at the mansion Rebs realises something she can’t share. Velaphi introduces his new self to his mother, and it leaves her speechless.

Wednesday 3 July 2024
Episode 48 (293)

Ummemo (The Invitation)

As the family prepares for Ummemo, Matshidiso asks Nelly if she can accompany her to the doctor for a scan. With the festivities of Ummemo, the Esihlahleni people are introduced to new wealth and riches.

Thursday 4 July 2024
Episode 49 (294)

The Royals

It’s a cultural stand-off between Zulu and Swati dancers at the Ummemo as the festivities begin.

Friday 5 July 2024
Episode 50 (295)

Taking The Rhino By The Horn

Velaphi discovers what he stole, and it changes everything. Madvodza is on a hunt to find who’s responsible for the havoc at his ummemo, and the hunt for Mbuso begins.

Monday 8 July 2024
Episode 51 (296)

Home Invasion

TK questions Thenjiwe about her new sport and guilty pleasure. Royal soldiers show up at Es’hlahleni to do a door-to-door search.

Tuesday 9 July 2024
Episode 52 (297)

The King’s Men

The Royal Guards show up at the Sokhulu home and panicked Velaphi calls Chuma. The panic continues in Eshlahleni with the rest of the civilians being stripped apart by the Royal guards.

Wednesday 10 July 2024
Episode 53 (298)


Solomzi reveals how he saved the day and warns Velaphi that he will end up dead or back in prison because of his impulsiveness.

Thursday 11 July 2024
Episode 54 (299)

Sinners And Spinners

Solomzi tries to have a word with his brother, Chuma. Nka finds himself in front of another stumbling block, and he is determined to solve it.

Friday 12 July 2024
Episode 55 (300)


Rebs and Nolitha are back at the cat and mouse games, Rebs ends up keeping a sharp eye on her. TK is blinded by his concerns, so much so that he is completely led by them.

Monday 15 July 2024
Episode 56 (301)


Finally, the Mabuza house is raided by Madvodza and the royal soldiers. Nka and Martha sit down and plot their new lives. Rebs finds herself in trouble, she is a deer trapped in a snake’s trap.

Tuesday 16 July 2024
Episode 57 (302)

Velaphi, The Samaritan

Velaphi continues to show Nomsa unwavering support. Simelane starts to work on TK’s nerves. Trouble is brewing and Chuma must find a way to convince Velaphi to lay low.

Wednesday 17 July 2024
Episode 58 (303)

All In For Love

MaDlamini is back to her old tactics, and it’s not good for Nomsa. Nka starts courting his newfound love, all ambitions in – holding no horses back.

Thursday 18 July 2024
Episode 59 (304)

Every Dog Has It’s Day

Rebs is hell bent on her revenge, so much so that she acts on it. Velaphi realises that every dog has its day.

Friday 19 July 2024
Episode 60 (305)

The Truth Hurts

Solomzi pays someone a kind visit. Nka and Minenhle find themselves in a complex of perception. Thenji is overwhelmed by the events of her life, with TK right at the centre of it all.

Monday 22 July 2024
Episode 61 (306)

Twisted Truths

Solomzi confronts the Gumedes about his new revelations, the snake has truly entered Eden, and of course the family has their own “truths up their sleeves”.

Tuesday 23 July 2024
Episode 62 (307)

A Time To Kill

Rebs plots a ploy to get to the Gumedes. The crowd cheers as the event finally happens but Thenji is a nerve wreck. Nka’s problems seem to multiply with time.

Wednesday 24 July 2024
Episode 63 (308)


Solomzi arrives just in the nick of time. Amahle is rushed for aid. Nka goes on a venting spree. We finally get to see the evidence of Solomzi’s love for his family – when he puts them first.

Thursday 25 July 2024
Episode 64 (309)

Justice For Amahle

Thenji is conflicted when she is denied access to see Amahle, when the doctor informs her that only relatives are allowed. The Es’hlahleni community is back in their hype, as they fight for their voice for justice.

Friday 26 July 2024
Episode 65 (310)

Thenjiwe Must Fall

Nandi finally hears the news about Solomzi. Nomsa and the family are worried sick about Thenjiwe, and Velaphi decides to look for her.

Monday 29 July 2024
Episode 66 (311)

Scars Don’t Fade Away Forever

Thenjiwe realises the true extent of her actions, with their consequences. Amahle hangs on by a thread while the Es’hlahleni community goes rogue for her.

Tuesday 30 July 2024
Episode 67 (312)

Take It Or Leave It

Bra Solly counsels Mam Nomsa towards open-mindedness. The Gumedes finds themselves on their knees, pleading for mercy. Nka updates Martha on his business and she is excited.

Wednesday 31 July 2024
Episode 68 (313)

The Son Is Back Home

Chuma calls the house into order, as not only tensions rise but the desperation to solve it too. Solomzi explains his actions to Mam Nomsa.

Premiere episodes of Isitha: The Enemy air on from Mondays to Fridays at 21h30.

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