GNU should share positions according to votes received: Analyst

GNU should share positions according to votes received: Analyst

Political analyst, Enoch Maponya says the political parties represented in the Government of National Unity (GNU) should share ministerial positions proportionally according to the votes received during the May 29 general elections. President Cyril Ramaphosa is yet to announce his cabinet in the GNU, almost two weeks after assuming office.

Maponya believes that the delay could have been averted, if the President had taken decisions based on the parties performances during the elections.

“I think the delays are necessary because the 10 parties that are in the Government of National Unity have been given votes by the people. Now, what the parties need to do is to get a neutral mathematician who will calculate exactly the number of posts which the group is entitled to. For instance, if the Cabinet posts are 30, you will find that the ANC might be entitled to 18, DA nine and the other eight parties will be entitled to three. So it’s easy to determine the number of positions based on the number of votes they have obtained
Some residents in Limpopo have meanwhile expressed mixed reactions about the time it’s taking for President Ramaphosa to appoint a new cabinet.

A resident says the delay is having a negative impact on services. From our side in our observation, the delays caused by the fact that there are many parties that want positions in government. This election has proven one thing that people are no longer interested in serving their people, but they’re interested in their own selfish interests and being members of cabinet.

The reason behind the delay of information of government is the DA and Hellen Zille, with their arrogant approach wherein we’ve seen a letter saying that they demand this and that positions in the cabinet. So the President is delaying here because he wants to nurse the ego of whiteness. He wants to nurse the ego of racism.

Source: eNCA

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