How to spot a fake Gucci wallet

How to spot a fake Gucci wallet

The top-class Italian fashion house only uses high-quality raw materials with high production methods and employs the leading talents across the globe to craft and design their products which never go out of style.

Gucci wallets are known for their premium materials and inclusion of genuine leather marking the quality and durability of the accessory. With fame comes the long line of imposters who try to copy the exact shape and design of the product but they lose the race at the quality check.

Let’s check out some ways in which you can spot your Gucci wallet.

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1. The buckle test
The hardware used to mark the logo of Gucci is something the imposters always fail to copy well. The original buckle or logo looks a tad dark, and grainier in color, having a vintage end to end. However, to make the faux buckle look real, the fake one kept the buckle lighter and shinier marking the copied Gucci to be highly glamorous to attract the buyer. Also, the original logo is more rounder than the larger fake.

2. The signature method of Gucci
The signature method marked on the wallet always appears in larger letters and comes with great spacing between one another. But, on the other hand, the letters appearing on the fake wallet will look tiny with absolute no spacing between each other exuding a chaotic appearance. Therefore, whenever you purchase a wallet, take a magnifying glass look at the overall appearance of the wallet, and then look at the detailing of the products.

3. The overall look of the wallet
Gucci wallets are made of soft calfskin leather, with a fine grain, and are durable. You will find it easy and comfortable to carry the small or medium size wallets which would exhibit a quality check look with a subtle touch. A fake uses a caviar rather than a calfskin which stands a big difference. The signature double G buckle comes with a yellow coloring, whereas the replica will have a tinted golden effect.

4. The box difference
Packaging of every branded product is done at its best. The box is everything a girl waits for, as it has the long-wanted wallet you wished for. However, looking at the shape of the box for the first time, you will be able to differentiate between the real and fake one. The original packaging will place the letters thicker and bolder in style, whereas the unauthentic one will place the letters larger but thinner in shape with no spacing between them. The original box will also have more visible stripes.

Source: Timesofindia

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