Kelly Osbourne expresses regret over leaving music career

Kelly Osbourne expresses regret over leaving music career

Kelly Osbourne regretted her decision of stepping away from music. During a recent episode of the podcast, The Osbournes, the 39-year-old reality star was asked by his brother Jack Osbourne, if she has thought of “getting back in the game.”

She replied, “I’ve definitely thought about [getting back into music],” adding, “I’ve definitely thought about what my life would have been like if I didn’t stop. It’s definitely a regret. Will I do anything about that regret? I don’t know,” she added.

While revealing why she left the music behind during her fame from MTV’s The Osbournes, Kelly said, “I was doing so much TV. I was doing so much touring, and so much publicity, and so many interviews, and I wanted to go out and have fun.

Kelly Osbourne

The former Fashion Police host further added, “I didn’t want it to be all work and no play, and I didn’t know how to even that out and have any balance in my life.”

Moreover, Kelly also noted other reasons behind her quitting, “And it was bad, but I also covered up a lot of my insecurity, and a lot of the naysaying and comparisons and just s*** talking with drugs, so I numbed myself with it. So it kind of went hand in hand with that, with me, and I had to choose myself over all of that.”

For those unversed, Kelly participated in a singing competition show, The Masked Singer in 2019 and debuted her musical career in 2002.

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