NUST Student Remanded in Custody Over Offensive Tribal Tweets, Social Media Erupts

NUST Student Remanded in Custody over Hateful Tribal Tweets

Social media has been set ablaze after a 24-year-old National University of Science and Technology (NUST) student was remanded in police custody over a hateful tribal tweets he made against Ndebele people.

Tanaka Ryan Ziso, a final year Civil and Water Engineering student at Nust is set to spend Easter holidays behind bars after he was dragged to court on Thursday.

He appeared before Bulawayo Magistrate Maxwell Ncube to to answer for charges of causing offence to persons of a particular race. He was remanded in custody to 2 April, 2024.

NUST Student Offensive Tribal Post Sparks Controversy on Social Media

Tanaka Ryan Ziso who uses the handle The Royal Priest of Chitungwiza @iamryantanaka sparked in controversy on the 13th of March 2024 after he posted a demeaning hateful tribal post against the Ndebele people.

The way MaNdevere claim they’re not Zimbabweans is top tier man😂, woenda kuSouth Africa vokuramba, wopiswa ikoko futi.
I wish I could live with those kind of brains, no real thinking, no straining your brains. Just an idiot saying Vele 25 times a day. Freestyle kinda life😭,” reads the tweet he posted.

His post triggered a firestorm on social media as social media users found his post quite offensive and insulting.

Riding on the wave, Tanaka who seemed to be chasing clout, doubled down as he posted more offensive comments as some people called him out while others hyped him.

Apology Fails to Sway Public Opinion

After facing heavy criticism, he later came out and apologized but social media were not impressed with his apology. Netizens, refused to accept his apology arguing that the only reason he apologized is because of the criticism he was facing and the growing calls for him to be expelled from NUST University.

Mixed Reactions as NUST Student Faces Legal Action Over Offensive Tweets

The news about Tanaka being remanded in custody has sparked a flurry of reactions on social media. A section on social media has applauded NUST university and justice system for taking action against Tanaka. Netizens argued that he deserves whatever punishment he receives.

However, another section on social media have expressed their disgruntlement over Tanaka’s arraignment at court and remand in custody. They opined that it was unfair that he had to be dragged to court over the tweets. Netizens defended him stating that it was joke and that the matter should have been let go since he apologised instead of taking it to court.

Here are some of the reactions


I love this and I support it fully. This kid was tweeting nonsense with the support of his friends here and now boom, you get a criminal record and you haven’t even graduated. Those who were supporting him are mum.😂


Tanaka was unteachable and proud of his assertions, we tried. Those who do not listen have to feel , so the saying goes.


Haaa amana zvake. All for likes and retweets from strangers. Hanzi content.
Now it’s a tainted image


Totally unfair though, lots of ndebeles shout at shonas and show hate with passion on a daily basis and nothing happens. The sensationalisation of such is one among misplaced priorities by NUST, police, Judiciary etc. Very silly regai mwana adzidze in peace

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