A Generous Gift: Wicknell Chivayo Gifts Madzibaba a Toyota Aqua After Video Explaining Newly Introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) Currency Goes Viral

Wicknell Chivayo Gifts Toyota Aqua to Madzibaba Whose Video Explaining the New Currency ZiG to Church Congreagants Went Viral

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has awarded a Toyota Aqua car to a Madzibaba whose video explaining the newly introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency has gone viral.

Madzibaba’s Viral Video: Apostolic Church Leader Explains ZiG Currency to Church Congregants

Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency was introduced on Friday by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

A Madzibaba from an Apostolic church whose name is yet to be identified is making headlines after his video explaining the new currency to church congregants emerged on social media

Wicknell Chivayo’s Attention: Impressed by Madzibaba’s Teaching, He Gifts a Toyota Aqua Car

The video which is circulating on social media also caught Wicknell Chivayo’s attention. He was impressed by the way Madzibaba was teaching his congregants about ZiG using demonstrations. As such he decided to gift him with a Toyota Aqua car.

Wicknell Chivayo congratulated Madzibaba on the brand new vehicle he had just purchased for him. He advised him to go and collect his Toyota Aqua at Enterprise car sale.

“MAKOROKOTO MADZIBABA MAZVIWANIRA AQUA ne mharidzo yenyu iyi mhanyai muone Madzibaba Chipaga pa Enterprise Car Sales…”

Chivayo Impressed by Madzibaba’s Viral Video Explaining ZiG Currency to Church Congregants

Taking to his X, Wicknell Chivayo posted the video on his account. Captioning the post, Wicknell Chivayo stated that he watched the video with the greatest pride.

“I watched this video with the greatest PRIDE as MADZIBABA delivered arguably the simplest explanation of Government’s INGENIOUS and UNPRECEDENTED introduction of the new Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency last Friday.”

He stipulated that his delight was driven by Madzibaba deep patriotism for Zimbabwe

My DELIGHT is primarily driven by the sense of deep PATRIOTISM that Madzibaba ascribes to our Nation of Zimbabwe, and the importance of embracing our own CURRENCY in order to realize its VALUE locally and abroad.

Trust and Confidence in Currency: Wicknell Chivayo’s Insights from his Travels

Wicknell Chivayo stated that as a well travelled man he has come to the realization that trust and confidence gives currency value.

“WELL TRAVELLED businessman, I have come to the realization that what gives any currency it’s VALUE is predominantly the TRUST ascribed to it by its people and CONFIDENCE in the Monetary Policy of a Country.”

Emulating Madzibaba’s Patriotism: Encouragement for Zimbabweans to Support the New Currency

The businessman argued that it is high time Zimbabweans also emulate the pride and patriotism that was demonstrated by Madzibaba.

“It his high time as Zimbabweans we EMULATE the pride and patriotism as demonstrated by MADZIBABA in supporting our homegrown solution to stabilize the economy. A Country’s economy cannot survive on BORROWED currencies or economic and monetary systems that it has no control over. It is an INDICTMENT upon ourselves as a people and an INJUSTICE to the future generations if we are to continue abandoning our own CURRENCY in favour of foreign currencies whose continued use is clearly UNSUSTAINABLE.”

Wicknell Chivayo called upon Zimbaweans to embrace the newly introduced currency.

“I equally call upon all PATRIOTIC Zimbabweans to embrace the new currency, as it is the BEST ECONOMIC solution to our yesteryear challenges.”


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