Bhazi rakaita mukurumbira iri…

Who can relate with the below?


Finally we have a photo of the famous Tenda bus “Scud Mabasa” , named after SCUD missiles in Iraq war
At its best days in the early 90s it was the most famous and fancied bus in Zimbabwe, specially manufactured at AVM in Harare at the request of Tenda buses to shake off the heavy epic challenge from Kukura Kurerwa bus service on the pulsatile Harare – Mutare highway. It had a special engine, four exhaust pipes with an amazing take off.

Even to date SCUD remains the only bus to do routinely do Harare – Mutare in two and half hours, and unprecedented four trips a day. Every other bus does two trips in three hours even today in 2024


They were a lot of stories about SCUD Mabasa, some said it had the engine of an aeroplane, others say it once got in trouble after overtaking Vice President Joshua Nkomo’s motorcade. One story said police at Rhodesville in Harare failed to flag it down then called police at Ruwa police station some 20km away but when they arrived on the road SCUD was already in 50km away in Marondera



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