Business ideas to start with less than $500

Ever considered what businesses you could initiate with just US$10? Or perhaps with US$100 or US$1000 in Zimbabwe? Articles on these topics are readily available for your perusal. Today, let’s delve into business ideas that can be launched with US$500 in Zimbabwe—an amount many locals could potentially save over time, or pool together with others. The allure of these business ideas lies in their scalability and the fact that they can be started anywhere within the country.

The range of consumer electronics is vast, including items like mobile phones and home appliances. The strategy involves identifying smaller, bulk-sourced items for resale, thus repeating the process to generate profit. To minimize overhead costs, consider partnering with an existing shop or space owner to sell your items for a fee. Alternatively, an online or mobile-based operation from home is a viable option.

A US$500 investment can kickstart a modest broiler, roadrunner, or layer chicken business, especially if you already possess the necessary infrastructure. Starting from scratch, however, may require more than US$500. An alternative approach could involve sourcing and selling various chicken products.

Launching a USD airtime retail business with US$500 is straightforward. The majority of the investment can go towards purchasing bulk, discounted USD airtime cards, particularly pertinent as Zimbabwe’s economy transitions towards ‘dollarization’. Success in this venture hinges on creative strategies to rapidly move large volumes. For more insights, refer to the article on selling physical USD airtime cards.

The concept of ‘online’ need not be daunting. While establishing an online store is advantageous, it’s not strictly necessary. A simple but effective approach can be employed using various online platforms to facilitate sales.

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