CIO Boss Isaac Moyo’s Daughter Dies In Ireland

CIO Boss Isaac Moyo’s Daughter Dies In Ireland

Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) boss Isaac Moyo’s daughter has died in Ireland after being in a coma for the past six months.

The CIO Director-General’s daughter, Shumirai Sandra Moyo, passed on in Dublin, Ireland, where she was based. She was 41 and was Moyo’s eldest child.

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How CIO Boss Isaac Moyo’s Daughter Died In Ireland

Shumirai fell seriously ill six weeks ago from a headache and brain complications, her mother, Priscilla Moyo, the Mwenezi West MP, told Sunday News:

Shumirai was in Dublin, Ireland, where she was working. Just about a month-and-a-half ago, she fell seriously sick, with headache and brain complications, and she succumbed to that sickness just a few days ago. We are trying to see how the body is repatriated from Dublin to this place for burial back home.”

MP Moyo recounted Shumirai’s tragic fate:

“Our child fell sick. She fell sick at work, and her friends rushed her to hospital, where she was put in the intensive care unit. She was in the intensive care unit for six weeks. I went there when she had spent four days. I spent the whole month there. My visa was expiring, so I came back to renew it so that I could go back. I came back on March 27, and there was a holiday. Unfortunately, when I was getting my papers processed, she passed away. She was our eldest child, with three boys behind her.


An Aspiring Legislator

CIO Isaac Moyo's Daughter
CIO Boss Isaac Moyo’s Daughter Dies In Ireland. First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa Paying Condolences. [Image: Innocent Makawa]


MP Moyo said her daughter Shumirai was a political activist and aspired to represent Harare West in Parliament:

“She was a political activist here in Harare, especially Harare West, where she wanted to contest for that seat in Parliament but she never was able to do it. She then went to Dublin for work. It was five years ago when she went there, and she was back home once, and we were expecting her back this year, but it was not to be; she is no more.”



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