Faith in Finance: Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Urges Zimbabweans to Embrace ZiG Currency for Economic Transformation

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Calls for Support of Newly Introduced ZiG Currency

United Family International Church (UFIC) founder, Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, has urged Zimbabweans to rally behind the recently introduced Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency.

Introduction of the ZiG Currency: A Step Towards Economic Stability

The call comes as the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe took a significant step on April 5th, 2024, by introducing the ZiG currency as a structured currency backed by gold.

The move aims to address the country’s soaring inflation and stabilize its struggling economy.

Prophet Makandiwa’s Call for Support: Rallying Zimbabweans Behind the New Currency

During a church service in Harare, Prophet Makandiwa addressed congregants, stressing the importance of supporting the newly introduced ZiG currency. He encouraged individuals to enter the business world with a positive mindset, believing that people possess money. Makandiwa humorously remarked,

Enter into the business world with the mindset that people have money. Otherwise if you don’t do that it won’t work. lt’s like saying ZiG harishande.”

The Power of Perception: How People’s Belief Shapes the Value of Currency

The spiritual leader emphasized that the value of the new currency is determined by people’s perception. He cautioned that negative sentiments could hinder its success, stating,

Do you know that once people say that it doesn’t work it might not work not because it wasn’t going to work but because they said it will not work.”

“All that is needed is for people to believe and to trust and if people are to put their confidence even in something that doesn’t work, it will work.”

Drawing Parallels: Lessons from Minerals and the US Dollar

Prophet Makandiwa drew parallels to the significance of collective agreement in assigning value. He cited the example of minerals, explaining that it was the people who assigned value to gold through their acceptance and usage. Furthermore, he highlighted the power of the US dollar, attributing its strength to the collective belief and trust of Americans. Makandiwa encouraged Zimbabweans to adopt a similar culture, stating,

So any piece of paper that is introduced, and if we agree and transfer value into it, it will work for the economy. It’s up to us, the people. We agree that there is value in this thing, then value is transferred.”

Faith and Currency: Prophet Makandiwa’s Biblical Reference to Empower Zimbabweans

To support his message, Prophet Makandiwa quoted Matthew 23:16, where Jesus referred to the gold in the temple, emphasizing that it is the temple that gives value to the gold. Similarly, he likened Christians to the temple, asserting their ability to give value to currency and other aspects of their lives.


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