Former Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga Arrested For Theft

Former Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga Arrested For Theft

Bright Matonga, who previously served as the Deputy Minister of Information, has been taken into custody by authorities as he faces serious allegations regarding the theft of farm equipment.

The stolen agricultural inputs are estimated to be worth US$424 888. The allegations were brought forth by farmers who had leased Matonga’s farm.

Current Status

Matonga is currently being held at Seruwe Police Station in Chegutu. He is expected to be presented before the Chegutu Magistrates Court.

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Official Statement By The Police

Bright Matonga arrested for theft
Bright Matonga arrested for theft-Image Source@X

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has confirmed the arrest. According to their statement:

“The ZRP confirms that Bright Matonga has been arrested by Police in Chegutu in connection with two reports of theft made by farmers who were leasing his farm. A warrant of arrest was duly issued by the courts. More details will be released in due course.”

Anticipated and Previous Legal Proceedings

As the investigation continues, Matonga’s case will proceed through the legal system. The court will determine the validity of the charges and decide the appropriate course of action.

The former Minister has been on the wrong side of the law before. In 2019, he was arrested after duping a foreign investor of US$ 10,000 in a botched deal of Zimbabwean trillion-dollar notes. However, he walked free after the case was cleared.

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Bright Matonga was the Deputy Information Minister in the cabinet of former President Robert Mugabe. In 2016 Matonga took over Chigwell Estate in Chegutu. Before he took over the farm, it was sustaining the livelihood of about 500 people who worked for it and helped Zimbabwe $4 million in exports. However, after he took over the farm, he ran it down, and it is now in shambles.

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