Former NSSA Director Brian Murewa Arrested for Fraud

Former NSSA Director Brian Murewa Arrested for Fraud

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) achieved a breakthrough on Wednesday by apprehending Brian Murewa, the former director responsible for investments and properties at the National Social Security Authority (NSSA). Murewa stands accused of involvement in fraudulent activities.

Murewa, who had reportedly been evading arrest for over a year, was finally caught during a raid at his residence in Borrowdale, Harare. This apprehension marks a noteworthy step forward in the ongoing battle against corruption and financial misconduct within governmental institutions.

Charges and Legal Proceedings against Brian Murewa

According to officials from ZACC, Murewa faces charges directly linked to fraudulent activities that occurred during his tenure at NSSA. The specifics of these allegations are expected to be unveiled during his impending court appearance, which is scheduled to happen today.

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Brian Murewa arrested
Former NSSA Director Brian Murewa-Image Source@Facebook

The ex-director stands accused of distorting facts regarding the acquisition of a guest house by NSSA in Kariba. While purportedly stating its price as US$240,000, the actual purchase amount was US$215,000. Allegations suggest that he pocketed the $25,000 difference for personal gain.

ZACC’s Ongoing Efforts

ZACC remains steadfast in its mission to investigate corruption cases across various sectors. The aim of the organisation is to foster transparency, accountability, and integrity in governance. The apprehension of Murewa serves as a stark reminder that perpetrators of corrupt practices will be relentlessly pursued and brought to justice, irrespective of their positions or social status.

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