From Goats to Garbage: Moses Mpofu Faces New €450K Fraud Allegation Amid Ongoing ZACC Probe

Moses Mpofu Faces New Fraud Allegation Over EU-Funded €450K Project

It seems the troubles keep piling up for Moses Mpofu, the business partner of Zanu-PF Central Committee member Mike Chimombe.

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Ongoing ZACC Investigation

Mpofu and Chimombe are already under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) for theft of trust property and money laundering.

ZACC investigators, led by Mr Chapwanya, launched the investigation following allegations that Chimombe and Mpofu received US$40 million from the government through their company, Blackdeck, to supply goats for the Presidential Goats Scheme, which aims to support underprivileged households. Instead, they allegedly used the funds to purchase luxurious mansions and vehicles.

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More Trouble for Moses Mpofu: New Fraud Allegations Surface Amid Ongoing ZACC Probe

In what seems to be a recurring pattern, Mpofu is now being accused of receiving almost half a million United States dollars but failing to deliver.

The accusations were levelled against Mpofu by former Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) Councillor Denford Ngadziore.

Ngadziore alleges that Mpofu’s company Synlark was paid a full advance payment of 450,000 Euros by the European Union (EU) in partnership with the City of Harare. Mpofuy’s firm was supposed to construct a biodigester plant to manage waste in Mbare.

“At my first council meeting in 2018, I come across a report for Synlark a company owned by Moses Mpofu. He was given full advance payment of Euros450 000 by the European Union in partnership with the City of Harare to construct a bio-digester plant. This was to address the waste generated in Mbare,” Ngadziore said.

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Frequent Visits to Town House Raise Suspicions

Ngadziore alleges that Mpofu and his business partner Chimombe have been frequenting Town House lately, possibly in pursuit of other deals. He states that the audit committee has investigated the matter and found no progress or recovery of the funds.

“Nothing was done or recovered to date our audit committee did an investigation report. Recently with M. Chimombe, they have been frequently coming to Townhouse. Possibly to chase for other deals,” he concluded.

At the time of writing, Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume had not responded to iHarare‘s requests for comment on the matter.

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