Government has declined request for vacation school

The Zimbabwean Government has declined requests from schools to hold vacation school during the April holiday for both non-examination and examination classes. The decision is based on the belief that students require a well-deserved break to rest and engage in independent learning.

This break from the academic routine is deemed beneficial for their physical and mental health, allowing them to recharge and be prepared to resume classes on May 7, 2024.

Mr. Moses Mhike, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, stated that after extensive consultations, the government decided not to permit vacation classes during the upcoming holiday. Although there were requests to allow vacation school for examination classes (Grade 7, Ordinary, and Advanced levels), the absence of disruptions during the school term led to the decision not to facilitate vacation classes for both examination and non-examination classes.

During this holiday, pupils are encouraged to rest and engage in independent learning and other alternative learning strategies. It’s important to note that under government policy, teachers in the public system are prohibited from charging for extra lessons, although they may provide additional tuition to an entire class without extra compensation.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police warned teachers against mistreating students and demanding cash from parents for extra lessons, emphasizing that such actions are illegal.

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