Headmaster slaps pupil five times over unpaid school fees

A primary school headmaster slapped a pupil five times to the extent that the boy bled from the nose, over unpaid school fees.

The headmaster Simon Kwakurai (42) of Sanhai Primary School in Nyanga pleaded guilty to the charges according to a statement by the National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe.

“Circumstances are that, on the 22nd of May 2023, the complainant was at school when the school’s development committee members went around sending students with outstanding fees home.

“The complainant who was asked to go home refused to go citing that his father had successfully pleaded with the headmaster to pay at a later date. The development committee members took him to the headmaster who slapped him five times in the face.

“The complainant started bleeding through the nose and reported the matter to the Police leading to the arrest of the accused person,” read the statement.

He was warned and cautioned before he was discharged.


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