Kevin Owens opens up About His Remaining Goals in WWE

Kevin Owens had a shot at gold one more time this past WrestleMania, but unfortunately fell short alongside Randy Orton after neither managed to dethrone Logan Paul as the US Champion. But, what could be next for Owens?

In a recent appearance on the “Busted Open Radio,” Owens laid out plans he has in WWE going forward, listing two milestones he still wants to reach in WWE, and how he feels about capturing gold again.

“I’ve never had a singles match against Rey Mysterio. If I have another WrestleMania in me, I’d love to wrestle Finn Balor there. But as far as just goals, I think I’ve had it so good; I really can’t ask for more,” said Owens.

The WWE star also recalled his WrestleMania history with his good friend Sami Zayn. “Sami and I had our first WrestleMania together in a ladder match as opponents. Two years later, we were teaming against Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan,” Owens said. “Then we got a singles match a few years later, and I was like ‘It’s not gonna get any better than that.’ And then it did last year.

He then claimed that he’s had enough WrestleMania moments with Zayn, describing how his mindset has changed over the years. “I used to be so obsessed with just wanting to do more. And a lot of that made it so that I wouldn’t enjoy it,” Owens noted. “Teaming with Jericho for all those months and the story we had was so incredible, but in that moment, I didn’t enjoy it like I should have.”

Owens has had a few memorable WrestleMania moments in recent years, headlining alongside Owens last year, and facing Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38 in 2022.

Source: eNCA

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