Majuice claims he was unfairly suspended

Majuice claims that he is being unfairly persecuted by the management for crimes he did not commit, particularly citing punctuality issues as the reason for his suspension.

According to reports, Majuice was suspended for a number of transgressions, with punctuality being a major concern. His boss, Alick Macheso, stated that there were ongoing issues with Majuice’s conduct, especially in terms of being late for duty. However, Majuice has defended himself by explaining that his lateness for a show in Chiredzi during the Easter holidays was due to oversleeping at a lodge where the group was staying.

Majuice expressed his surprise at the suspension, stating that he believed the deduction from his pay for the lateness was sufficient punishment. He further argued that being suspended for one instance of tardiness seemed excessive, especially considering the nature of their touring schedule and the lack of prior disciplinary action.

The dancer also raised concerns about the lack of communication from management regarding his suspension, stating that he was unsure of when the ban would be lifted. He emphasized that his loyalty to the Orchestra Mberikwazvo brand was unwavering, despite the challenges he faced with management.

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