Matt Damon warns Ben Affleck against saving Jennifer Lopez marriage

Matt Damon warns Ben Affleck against saving Jennifer Lopez marriage

Matt Damon was seemingly against Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s marriage since the inception of their rekindled romance. As fans will be aware, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s friendship is much recognized and appreciated in Hollywood.

Earlier in the year, reports emerged that Matt had “serious reservations” for his Good Will Hunting co-star and best pal, Ben because of Jennifer Lopez’s temperament.

Nonetheless, Matt and Jennifer put these feaud rumours to bed after making a candid appearance at the 2024’s Golden Globes along with Matt’s wife, Luciana Barroso.

Matt Damon

Now, when Jennfier Lopez and Ben Affleck’s split rumours are surfacing the internet, a mole recently squealed to Daily Mail, “Matt tried to warn Ben when he got back together with J Lo that this could happen.”

They also added, “Matt was there to help Ben get it together after their first split and he felt like this would happen again.”

“As things started falling apart, Matt told Ben that he supports whatever choice he makes but wants him to jump in and focus on his work,” the source even claimed.

Speaking of Matt’s marriage with Luciana, the source revealed, “Ben has always been in awe of” his friend because ‘Matt has had a successful marriage for years.”

Before concluding, the insider declared Matt to be “the only real guy friend Ben has,” and spilled the beans on what he used to tell Ben.

“Ben spent so much time focusing on J Lo’s projects just like he did the first time around. He told Ben, “What has she ever done for your career?” they disclosed about Matt’s advice to Ben before signing off.

Source: People

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