Mines Federation Boss Henrietta Rushwaya Appears In Court For Conning Indian Investors Of US$1.5 Million

Mines Federation Boss Henrietta Rushwaya Appears In Court For Conning Indian Investors Of US$1.5 Million

Zimbabwe Miners Federation president Henrietta Rushwaya appeared in court today for conning Indian Investors of US$1.5 million.

Rushwaya, who is now a familiar face with the police and the courts, was arrested yesterday and spent the night in police custody. She is charged with fraud.


How Henrietta Rushwaya Conned Investors

Rushwaya duped an Indian company of US$1.5 million in a deal in which the investor wanted to buy a mine. She conned an Indian company called NV Group.

Express Mail Zim reports that Rushwaya’s associate identified as Ashif Adil approached NV group and claimed to be representing President Emmerson Mnangagwa in foreign investments. The Group’s chair wanted to meet President Mnangagwa and Rushwaya claimed to be speaking on behalf of the President. She demanded a US$1.5 million payment to process the deal.

She took the investor to a defunct mine in Mpfurudzi and some in Filabusi, Shangani and Bindura where geological surveys showed there was no gold.


Previous Court Battles And Scandals

Henrietta Rushwaya In Court
Mines Federation Boss Henrietta Rushwaya Appears In Court Over Conning Indian Investors Of US$1.5 Million [Image: ZimDaily]


This is not the first time Rushwaya is appearing in the dock to answer to the Magistrate.

In 2020, the mines federation boss was nabbed at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport carrying 6kg of gold. She did not have an export license on request and also had a fake invoice for a gold sale.

In court, Rushwaya explained her case saying she picked the wrong bag containing the gold stash at home before departing for the airport. The Magistrate dismissed her excuse saying it is not admissible.

She was found guilty and slapped with a US$5000 fine. Rushwaya would have spent 12 months in jail had she failed to pay the fine. She was also acquitted of paying a bribe to airport authorities to pass through with the bag of gold.

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Last year, Rushwaya was implicated in the Gold Mafia documentary as one of the players in an elaborate gold smuggling and money laundering scheme involving high placed individuals.

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Zimbabweans expressed mixed emotions as Rushwaya appeared in court for fraud.


“How many criminal cases must one have to go through in a single lifetime?”

The Great:

“She’s not on chains for serious offences but… if it was someone demanding justice they’d be guarded by heavily armed men and in iron legs. Disgraceful selective disproportionate application of the law.”


“She is a conduit for the gold smuggling family nothing will come out of this, it will be another case of appeasing the Dubai partners in crime she will be asked to return the money!! #Gold Mafia.”


“Hapana zvaanoitwa uyo anongova mutumwa same nana Java na Chivayo na Scott.”


“And guess what…..she will keep her job despite having a history of corruption averywhere she goes. From ZIFA to Mining.

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