Mzansi Praises Kenyan Influencer For Turning Down Massive Bribe from Politician to Halt Youth Protests

Mzansi Praises Kenyan Influencer For Turning Down Massive Bribe from Politician to Halt Youth Protests

Mzansi has showered praise on a Kenyan influencer who allegedly turned down a huge paycheck from a politician who wanted him/her to mobilise the youth to stop protesting.

Kenyans took to the streets recently to protest against the Finance Bill 2024, which would have raised taxes on essential goods.

Hundreds of Kenyans also took to the streets on Thursday, demanding President William Ruto’s removal. This came a day after he conceded to the young protesters’ demands to withdraw the highly unpopular tax hike bill.

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Bribery Attempt by Politician

A screenshot circulating on X (formerly Twitter) shows Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen allegedly attempting to bribe an influencer with 500,000 KES (approximately R70,000). Murkomen sought the influencer’s help to quell the anti-government protests by leveraging their significant social media following to create a counter-narrative.

“Hello Maitre, I see you have a significant following. I would like us to work together for the betterment of our country. I have KSh 500,000 and would like you to mobilise some youths and influencers to stop the protests. Please do this for the sake of their lives,” Murkomen purportedly messaged the influencer.

However, the influencer boldly rejected the offer, suggesting a counter-proposal to double the amount and sponsor youths contemplating breaching State House Nairobi.

“I will do this for the sake of my country and a better future. How about you make it 1M so we can buy bulletproof vests and make it to the Statehouse? If we succeed, you won’t be forgotten. Otherwise, I’m not making a deal with you to sell out our country,” the influencer purportedly replied to Murkomen.

The proposal did not sit well with ‘Murkomen’, who insulted the unnamed influencer, vowing to “find another influencer.

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Mzansi Praises Kenyan Influencer For Rejecting Massive Bribe to Halt Protests

After the exchange was shared on X by entertainment blogger Phil Mphela, South Africans lauded the unnamed influencer for their integrity. Some commentators noted how South African influencers might have turned Judas for way less. Here are some of the reactions:


Wheeee South African influencers would’ve take the money even if it was just a R1000


South African influencers settled for R350 💀💀💀


If he was SA’n.. he would’ve taken it


I’m sure there is an influencer who took the gig… May they be exposed

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Politician Denies Bribery Claims

In a related development, Kipchumba Murkomen has dismissed the screenshot as fake, labelling it as propaganda and cautioning the public against believing such claims.

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