“She Dodged a Bullet”: Social Media Users Lambast Nota Baloyi for Throwing Shade at His Zimbabwean Ex-Wife Berita Khumalo After Divorce

Nota Baloyi Sparks Outrage with Bitter Remarks About Ex-Wife Berita After Divorce

South African rapper Nota Nhlamulo Baloyi has courted ire on social media after he threw shade at his Zimbabwean ex-wife Berita Khumalo.

Nota who finally finalized his divorce with Berita boasted about divorcing his ex-wife and leaving her with nothing.

Shadaya’s Take on Nota and Berita’s Divorce

News about their highly publicized divorce have been the talk of the town. Seeing as they are trending on social media, controversial social media personality Shadaya decided to weigh in and add his voice.

Posting on his X account, Shadaya argued that when a man decides to get married, he does it out of love and the need to build a family and a legacy. He claimed that for women, they do so out of opportunism, hence that is why they find it easy to leave a marriage.

Nota and Berita officially divorced

A man will destroy himself before he ever tries to destroy his marriage

When a man gets married to a woman it’s out of love, he truly wants to build a family, his legacy. But when a woman gets married it’s out of opportunism, to get a “better” life

Which is why it’s easier for a woman to walk away from a marriage. But for a man it’s not so easy as he will have invested his emotions (love), resources (money) and effort (time)

He has more to lose in a broken marriage – assets, access to children and his reputation (he’s painted as the bad guy).”

He argued that Nota tried all he could to save his marriage but Berita let the voices from sisterhood convince her end her marriage.

It’s unfortunate Nota tried all he could and was patient enough hoping Berita would come to her senses. But the sisterhood won, they succeeded in convincing her to destroy her marriage.”

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“She Leaves with Nothing”: Nota Baloyi Boasts About Divorcing Berita

Responding to Shadaya’s post about his divorce, Nota Baloyi subtly threw shade at Berita as he shared lessons from his marriage and divorce.

He bragged he made sure that she leaves with nothing and lost everything she gained.  Nota added that another lesson is that a man should marry someone in their class.

The lesson is to make sure she leaves with nothing of yours & loses half of everything she gained… Another lesson is marry in your class. Bringing someone up out of poverty is like going to bed with a snake that is starving itself to build up the appetite to swallow you whole.😌

Netizens Lambast Nota for Shading Ex-Wife Berita

Taking to social media,  netizens lambasted Nota Baloyi for speaking ill of his ex-wife as they labelled him a narcissist. Netizens concurred that she did well by leaving Nota and ending their marriage.

Some netizens argued that she dodged a bullet and made the best decision by not to have any kids with Nota Baloyi

Here are some of the reactions;


Berita made the best decision by not having a child with NOTA imagine being attached to a narcissistic human being for life because you now have a kid together


She dodged a bullet


Imagine how despicable you must be for someone who comes from poverty to wilfully walk away from millions just to stay away from you. With all your money – you still got dumped by a “broke” woman. 😭💔 Condolences brother


C’mon bruh don’t do this…the woman has always shown you respect, only fair you reciprocate


Even if you had taken everything of hers she’d still be the real winner for being rid of you.

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