Viral Private Investigator “Detective Kedha” Dragged to Court for Kidnapping a Woman

 Viral Private Investigator “Detective Kedha” Faces Kidnapping Charges

Renowned private investigator Tafadzwa Chidawa, popularly known as Detective Kedha, has once again found himself in the midst of controversy as he faces charges of kidnapping.

Tafadzwa Chidawa and his alleged accomplices, reportedly abducted a woman and later dumped her at Harare Central Police Station on the 5thof March.

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Undercover Investigation Takes a Dark Turn

The court proceedings, which took place yesterday, shed light on the events leading up to the alleged kidnapping.

According to the court records seen by H-Metro,  Detective Kedha was conducting an investigation on behalf of the woman’s boyfriend. On that fateful day, Chidawa and his five accomplices contacted the woman, Sallom Gandiya, posing as her boyfriend’s cousin.

They arranged to meet at Caledon Shops along Seke Road, where Gandiya arrived in a cab driven by Watson Gatsi.

The Abduction Unfolds

Upon reaching Caledon Shops, Detective Kedha and his accomplices, introducing themselves as police detectives from Harare Central Police Station, approached Gandiya and Gatsi. They informed them that they were under arrest for allegedly deceiving Gandiya’s boyfriend about her pregnancy.

Using force and handcuffs, they coerced Gandiya into a car and drove towards Mutare Road. However, in a courageous act, Gandiya managed to contact a friend during the ordeal, informing them that she had been kidnapped.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

Upon hearing of Gandiya’s abduction, the gang abruptly changed their plans and decided to return to Harare. They ultimately abandoned Gandiya and Gatsi at Harare Central Police Station, where the victims promptly filed a police report recounting the harrowing experience.

Legal Proceedings and Bail Ruling

During the court hearing, the State prosecutor, Rufaro Chonzi, presented evidence from the investigating officer, revealing that Chidawa had managed to escape from police custody after his initial arrest.

As the case resumes today, magistrate Dennis Mangosi is expected to deliver the bail ruling, determining whether Chidawa will be released or detained pending further investigations.


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