WATCH: Zimbabweans Call For Arrest Of A Group Of Women Who Stripped And Assaulted A Young Girl In Viral Video

Zimbabweans have been let heartbroken after a group of women stripped and assaulted a young girl in a viral video circulating all over social media.

In the video, one of the women beating could be heard asking the girl.”Ndainzwa dzungu here pawaindirova?’ which translates to ‘Was I feeling lightheaded when you hit me?’

In the video, the victim is seen naked on the ground stripped of all her clothes while someone was recording the assault and jeering. A group of five or so women clad in school uniforms were taking turns to hit her.

Begging for mercy

The victim could be heard in the video begging for them to not hit her head at first. The first woman then answered her that she made a mistake hitting her head and continued hitting her.

The other women then joined in and the victim could be heard saying her hand was hurt to which the first woman said she was lying and a sprained hand would not cover other body parts when she was being beaten.

On the third plea, the girl begged the women to give her a break for 10 minutes as she was hurting. They laughed at her and another woman is heard in the video shouting, “Uraya” which translates to ‘Kill her’.

Watch the video of the assault here.

Police launch a manhunt for the women who stripped and assaulted young girl

The ZRP has shared that they are looking for anyone with information on the women in the viral video to come forward and report. on their official X page, they shared that the victim must report to the nearest police station as soon as possible so that they face the wrath of the law.

The ZRP takes note of a viral video circulating on social media platforms in which a female victim is being assaulted by a group of female suspects. Some of the suspects are clad in school uniform.

The victim is implored to come forth and make a report at any nearest Police Station. Meanwhile, the ZRP is appealing for information which may lead to the arrest of the suspects for the law to take its course.

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