“Your marriage certificate could be void,” newlyweds discover

A surprising revelation has left thousands of newlyweds in a state of uncertainty regarding the validity of their marriage certificates. Due to a clerical error, it has been discovered that certificates issued within the past 18 months are considered void, potentially impacting all couples who tied the knot during this period.

The issue came to light when the Zimbabwe Law Society issued a warning to lawyers nationwide, highlighting the discrepancy in the stationery used for civil marriage certificates. The outdated stationery still references a chapter from a previous marriage act that was repealed in 2022. The new act, which came into effect in September 2022, introduced significant changes, such as granting greater rights to partners in traditional marriages and criminalizing child marriage.

Affected individuals have been advised by the law society to bring their certificates to a registrar for correction and stamping. It is crucial to rectify any invalid certificates, as those with such documents may encounter difficulties in legal matters, including divorce proceedings.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, some people have found humor in the mix-up, with jokes circulating on various messaging platforms about using the situation as an opportunity to exit their marriages. However, for those directly impacted, the uncertainty surrounding the validity of their marriage certificates is a cause for concern.

The Civil Registry Department has stated that while they can amend existing certificates, they are unable to print new stationery reflecting the correct law until the government officially announces the change through a gazette publication.

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