Zimbabweans Express Worry and Concern as Madzibaba Nicholas Zakaria Appeals for Financial Help Amid Health Battle

Zimbabwean Music Icon Nicholas Zakaria Appeals for Help Amid Health Crisis

Esteemed Sungura musician Nicholas Zakaria has garnered widespread sympathy and support on social media after revealing his battle with diabetes, hypertension, and debilitating cramps that impair his mobility.

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Financial Struggles Amidst Health Challenges

In a candid interview with State media, the 69-year-old musician expressed the severity of his health issues, which has hindered him from performing.

His health struggles have also compelled him to postpone his plans for recording his 30th album.

 “I am dying slowly due to an illness that has jeopardised my plans. Sometimes I struggle to walk when I come under attack. I have battled this condition for years, but it’s now getting worse,” Zakaria lamented.

The veteran musician also highlighted the financial strain exacerbated by his health condition, noting the dwindling returns from live performances amid economic challenges in Zimbabwe.

Live shows are no longer rewarding since people are also struggling to raise money to attend,” Zakaria revealed.

He revealed that he decided to open up about his illness because he does not want to die in silence.

“I have opened up about my illness because I don’t want to die in silence like most artistes out there.”

Financial Appeal from Family

Margaret Gweshe, Zakaria’s wife, echoed his plea for assistance, emphasizing their difficulties in meeting basic needs.

My husband’s health deteriorated two years ago, he is no longer the same due to poor health. We are appealing for help from well-wishers because we are failing to cater for his needs. He is on a special diet,” she disclosed.

Social Media Users Symphathizes with Nicholas Zakaria

News of Zakaria’s health struggles has sparked an outpouring of sympathy and concern on social media platforms, with many expressing solidarity and offering support to the music icon during this challenging time. Netizens wished him a speedy recovery.

@Acrage Musaengana;

Get too much well soon legend

@Shingie Makavi;

He doesn’t sound well…may he get well soon 😔

@Mhofu Yemukono;

Madzibaba get well

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