CM Punk Comments on Old Rival John Cena’s Retirement Announcement

John Cena is set to call time on his in-ring WWE career and one man who he has had memorable battles with, CM Punk, has detailed the conversation he had with Cena after his announcement at Money in the Bank. Punk, who, like Cena, made a surprise appearance at Saturday’s Premium Live Event, promised to do something that Cena emphasized that he wouldn’t do after his retirement announcement: return from retirement.

“So, I text him right away and I said, ‘Don’t leave before you say hi to me.’ And he texts back, ‘Haha, have a good one tonight,’ and I immediately took that as ‘pi*s off, I’m leaving.’ I know he’s busy, he’s filming ‘Peacemaker,’ so I figured he was leaving right away. I was pleasantly surprised to run into him afterwards and I told him I’ll be the guy that drags him out of retirement, this retirement that he says he’s going to adhere to, and the final one happens that’s going to be it. Yeah, 15 years, I’ll drag him out of retirement,” joked Punk at the post-Money in the Bank press conference. The WWE star then elaborated on what the 16-time WWE Champion has meant to his career, highlighting how their careers have been linked together.

John Cena

“Cena, I think, to my career, means a lot. I don’t think there’s many people in that rare air, where if you talk about my career, I feel like you have to talk about John, and [it] makes me feel proud that I think when you talk about John’s career, I think you have to talk about me. We’re married in that respect,” said Punk. Punk is proud of Cena’s career and revealed that he told the WWE legend that he’s open to having another match with him before he hangs up his boots at WrestleMania next year.

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