EMA Cracks Down On Vehicle Owners, Imposes Fines For Smoking Vehicles

EMA Cracks Down On Vehicle Owners, Imposes Fines For Smoking Vehicles

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) of Zimbabwe recently took a strong stance against air pollution by imposing fines on smoking vehicles. Over 150 vehicles were fined during a roadblock operation in Harare aimed at promoting environmental health.

EMA organized checkpoints on major thoroughfares in Harare last week. This initiative is part of a broader effort to reduce air pollution and encourage drivers to maintain their vehicles in better condition.

Unclear Fines for Industrial Polluters Yet

While vehicle owners face clear penalties for smoke emissions, the specific fines for mining companies and other industrial polluters remain uncertain. Industries and vehicles have been stated as the main cause of carbon monoxide emissions, which pose a danger to the health of many people.

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EMA smoking vehicles fine
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Fines for vehicle emissions can be as high as $30, according to EMA regulations.

Official Statement by EMA

Mr. Leon Mutungamiri, EMA’s provincial manager in Harare, reiterated the agency’s commitment to combatting air pollution. He emphasized the importance of maintaining vehicles to prevent harmful smoke emissions that jeopardize public health.

“People should avoid driving defective vehicles that emit excessive smoke, as it is harmful to people’s health,” he stated.

Back in 2011, EMA imposed similar laws on smoking vehicles in a bid to curb air pollution. The agency started arresting offenders, and habitual offenders were threatened and could have faced up to 3 months in jail.

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In that year, more than 100 tickets were issued, and most of them were said to be bus drivers. EMA is urging drivers to make sure that their vehicles are maintained in time so as to try and minimize the emission of carbon monoxide.

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