“Is Maths Still Needed?”: Zimbabwe Clarifies Nursing Subject Requirements, Government Reveals Recruitment Secrets

Zimbabwe Clarifies Nurse Training Subject Entry Requirements

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Health and Child Care has shed light on the subject requirements needed for one to pursue nursing in the country.

Recent reports suggested that the government had relaxed entry criteria, as an advertisement in The Sunday Mail only mentioned English and Science as compulsory subjects, omitting Maths.

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Zimbabwe Clarifies Nurse Training Subject Entry Requirements

Speaking to The Herald on Monday, Health and Child Care Permanent Secretary Dr Aspect Maunganidze clarified the subjects one needs to have passed at O’Level to be considered for nursing.

He emphasised that although Maths wasn’t listed, it is still important. Dr Maunganidze referred to Statutory Instrument (SI) 245 of 2000, which lists English and Science as must-have subjects for nurse training.

“The advert is correct. It does not mean though that Mathematics is not needed per se. Those are the minimum requirements and as we shortlist, considerations will be put to other subjects that are an added advantage. In terms of SI 245 of 2000, which is still valid and has not been changed, it is English and Science that are mandatory for the minimum five subjects that are required. Practical subjects are not considered,” he said.

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Plans for Recruitment Policy Revision

Dr. Maunganidze further disclosed plans for a stakeholders’ meeting to potentially revise the recruitment policy to align with current job qualifications and requirements for nurse recruitment.

“It is a default position we have taken because we are still going to do an all-stakeholders meeting to look at how the recruitment policy for nursing can be revamped to speak to the current settings in terms of job qualifications and all the necessary requirements for recruitment. We anticipate that between now and September we would have done the needful, and if necessary that SI will be changed,” Dr Maunganidze said.

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Other Subjects Also Important: How Zimbabwe Recruits Nurses Revealed

He also shed light on the government’s nursing recruitment process. Depending on the volume of applications, they may consider grading and additional subjects during the shortlisting phase.

“You might also be aware that even in our tertiary institutions, adverts will just specify that the following subjects, but the actual issues like grading and other advantages will be looked at during the shortlisting process,” added Dr Maunganidze.

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