Lil Wayne Picks Drake Over Kendrick Lamar In Top 5 Rappers List

Lil Wayne Picks Drake Over Kendrick Lamar In Top 5 Rappers List

Kendrick Lamar may have been deemed by many to have defeated Drake in their recent feud, but it wasn’t enough for him to surpass the 6 God — in the eyes of Lil Wayne, at least. In a new interview, the New Orleans native was asked who is Top 5 rappers of all time are, and he didn’t hesitate to put Drizzy up there with some notable Hip Hop heavyweights.

Lil Wayne

“My Top 5 rappers of all time are JAY-Z, Missy Elliott, Eminem, um… The Notorious B.I.G. — oh, and this is no specific order right here — and Drizzy.”

Weezy has previously named the likes of Goodie Mob and UGK in his list of favorite rap acts.

Lil Wayne has long been a vocal supporter of Drake since signing him to his Young Money imprint in 2009, kickstarting one of the most successful and prolific runs of any rapper.

Reflecting on discovering the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker during an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast in 2022, he said: “I [saw] potential. When Drake’s music was brought to me from their homie Jas [Prince], it was about rap. I was like, ‘This dude sounds different.’

“What I loved about him, was he was sounding just as dope as we were. When I say we, I’m talking about the streets and where we came from.

Lil Wayne

“I told him, ‘You could make working in a cubicle — you know how to make that sound like the dopest thing in the world. Don’t stop.’ “Then one day I heard, ‘[singing voice].’ Like, ‘What the fuck was that?’ I remember asking Mack [Maine], Who is that on the hook?’ He’s like, ‘That’s him too!’”

Weezy has also admitted that he often rewrites his verses when working with Drake due to the quality of the Canadian’s songwriting.

“Everything Drake sends back, I always have to go back and re-record,” he said. “It’s always too hot. It’s always because he says something at the end that makes me be like, ‘Oh, I could make more of the song and capitalize on what he just said.’ I have changed my verse a billion times because of Drake and that’s always the person.”

Lil Wayne

Despite overlooking Kendrick Lamar in his Top 5 rappers list, Wayne has praised the Pulitzer Prize winner in the past.

After K. Dot called Wayne the “greatest” and cited him as a huge influence in a 2016 interview, the “A Milli” hitmaker returned the favor by tweeting: “Kendrick Lamar a real one #Respek.”

Source – HipHopDx

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