Man Accused Of US$3 Million Fraud Commits Suicide At Accuser’s House

Man Accused Of US$3 Million Fraud Commits Suicide At Accuser’s House

Amos Kagonya, a man accused of a multi-million dollar fraud, tragically committed suicide at the home of the person who had accused him, Felix Munyaradzi. The incident occurred in the Borrowdale area of Harare on Tuesday, just hours before a court verdict was expected in his fraud trial.

Amos Kagonya, a car dealer, was found deceased outside the Borrowdale residence of businessman Felix Munyaradzi. He reportedly shot himself in the head. This unfortunate event unfolded mere hours before Harare magistrate Stanford Mambanje was set to deliver a ruling in a high-profile fraud case involving Kagonya.

The Fraud Case Kagonya Was Accused Of

Kagonya, along with Jacob Muyambo and Saymore Mutakura, faced charges of defrauding Munyaradzi’s company, Delatfin Civil Engineering, of US$3 million through the illicit sale of housing stands. Muyambo held the position of finance director at Delatfin.

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Man commits suicide
Man commits suicide outside accuser’s house-Image Source@Shutterstock

Legal Proceedings

Muyambo and Mutakura were in court on Tuesday, where Magistrate Mambanje postponed their judgment. The judgement was supposed to be handed down that day. When the prosecutor noticed that Kagonya was not in court,  he called for a warrant of arrest for the man.  Kagonya’s death brings an unexpected twist to the ongoing legal saga. The fraud allegations centred around the sale of commonage stands—residential stands on state land that developers are required by law to surrender to the government, typically amounting to 10 per cent of the total stands in a given development.

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Photos from the scene depicted Kagonya lying on his back at the gate of Munyaradzi’s home following the self-inflicted gunshot wound. The police are still waiting for post-mortem results on the corpse after the suicide.
This tragic event underscores the severe pressures and consequences associated with high-stakes fraud cases.

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