#MCM – David Munowenyu – Businessman

Our #MCM is David Munowenyu, the owner of Discovery Ambulance who won the Fastest Growing Business of the Year award at Zimbabwe Business Awards (ZIBA) 2024.

Mr Munowenyu is the founder and president at the Dave Munos Foundation, a non-profit organisation that he runs with his wife, Mrs Chantelle Munowenyu

The charity foundation recently handed over brand new school uniforms to more than 500 learners from three different schools in Sakubva, is among the top 100 Influential Young Africans for 2024.

He also founded the Discovery Ambulance Services that provides state-of-the-art emergency services for people in Zimbabwe and beyond.

In an interview after the recognition, Mr Munowenyu said: “Recognitions such as these opens up our country for potential investments and avails prospects for synergies to address Africa’s unique challenges and opportunities. It presents a great platform to meet and network with other young Africans.

“As Zimbabweans, we owe it to ourselves to build and grow our country by investing in projects that serve and strengthen our communities. When you can identify and come together with like-minded people, you are able to make a bigger and sustainable positive impact.”

Speaking on his philanthropic work, Mr Munowenyu said: “At the centre of the Dave Munos Foundation lies the impetus to foster social development and empowerment of the disadvantaged in our communities, with a deliberate bias towards the community that I grew up in.

Speaking during the recent hand-over of school uniforms at Mutanda Primary School in Sakubva, chairman and spokesperson of the Foundation, Mr Donald Manhende said: “The Foundation supports education, healthcare, community based organisations such as old people’s homes, orphanages and community development initiatives.

“We have made a deliberate move to prioritise education, simply because it is the future. However, we are actively involved in assisting other areas of need in our community.”

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