Nota Baloyi Sheds Light on Zimbabwean Former Wife Berita Khumalo’s Smelly Secret

Nota Baloyi Claims He’s First to Tell Ex-Wife Berita Khumalo Her Farts Smell

Controversial South African music executive Nota Baloyi has made a hilarious revelation about his Zimbabwean former wife and singer Berita Khumalo.

Baloyi said he is the first person to tell his now ex-wife Berita Khumalo that her farts smell.

Nota made this and other eyebrow-raising claims on the Own Narrative Podcast where he disclosed issues about his failed marriage to the Zimbabwean songstress.

According to Nota, there were two sides to Berita; her public persona and the person she was when they were together. He explained that his ex-wife was not accustomed to being challenged by others and that he was the first person to tell her that her fart smells.

“There was my wife Gugu and then there was her persona who she is being treated as by other people everywhere else and then she gets being used to treated like that. So she doesn’t get used to people challenging her at all. I was the first person to tell my wife that her fart smells,” he disclosed.

Nota went on to narrate an incident in which Khumalo let it rip inside their car. He immediately expressed his surprise at the odour, leading Berita to ask if he could smell it. Nota confirmed that he could, to which Khumalo responded with astonishment, admitting that she had always believed her farts were odourless.

“She farted in the car and I was like, “Hold on. Did you just fart?” She’s like, “Oh my God you can smell it?”, I was like, “Yes of course I can smell it”, She’s like, “Oh my God I thought my fart does smell”. I was like, “What? No one has ever told you your fart smells? That is crazy,” Nota Baloyi added.

In related news, Nota Baloyi claimed on X that he invested R6 million into Berita’s career, and she must repay the money. He wrote:

“Some Slay Queen got R3 million from her blesser… My wife got R6 million from me to invest in her career then she flushed it down the drain because I said, “thus far & no farther.” She can run but that debt is due & accruing interest. My mother’s son is nobody’s cash cow. It’s war!”

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