Outrage As Penhalonga Graves Exhumed To Pave Way For Mining

Outrage As Penhalonga Graves Exhumed To Pave Way For Mining

Social media users have expressed outrage over the graves which have been exhumed in Penhalonga to pave the way for mining.


Penhalonga Graves Exhumed For Mining

The rural development council in Penhalonga recently gave mining rights to a company to explore gold in the area. However, the area is a graveyard.

This did not hinder authorities from allowing mining operations to continue in Penhalonga. The mining company invited the area and exhumed the graves. Some graves had fresh bodies that had not been buried for long.

Pictures circulating on social media saw the graveyard turned on its head, with heaps of soil used to bury the dead lying all over. The area was levelled to allow the mining operation to commence.

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Zimbos Express Mixed Sentiments Online

Penhalonga Graves Exhumed
Penhalonga Graves Exhumed To Pave Way For Mining [Image: Sunday News]


Social media users had varied sentiments as graves are being exhumed in Penhalonga to pave for mining.


“When we bury loved ones, we say Rest in Peace! Not in Zimbabwe anymore. These fresh graves are in the Nyaronga area, Penhalonga, exhumed to pave the way for mining. Identities unknown. They may be further exhumed if gold is discovered here in the future. Kana zvorwadza moti makaroyiwa.”


“But okes been buried all over this Earth. If the flood of Noah is anything to go by!”


“It is silly to allow a situation where USD billions worth of Gold reserves are allowed to remain lying beneath the graves of our ancestors who died of poverty. We will exhume their bodies & cremate or bury them elsewhere to allow for the extraction of that gold for economic reasons.”


“Where has mining helped to fight poverty, hunger and disease in Zimbabwe? Instead mining is bringing these to hapless communities?”


“I said lets cremate vanhu vakandituka. It saves money and land. Just imagine after 50 years nyika yese inenge yamakuva ega. People don’t have residential stands land yese ama cemetery.”


“If they can not respect the living, how will they respect the dead?

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