Protectors Become Perpetrators: Two CID Officers Arrested For Bribery

Protectors Become Perpetrators: Two CID Officers Arrested For Bribery

Two officers from the Central Investigations Department (CID), Tofarasei Chipindu (33) and Japhet Matahwa(34), have appeared before the Chiredzi Magistrates’ Court on bribery charges. The two who were arrested after using their positions and influence to try and cover crime are on trial before the magistrate.

The Allegations against the CID Officers

According to reports, on February 8, 2024, the accused individuals summoned Laston Changamire to CID Triangle offices. Upon arrival, Changamire was informed by the officers that he, along with Tawanda Changamire, was implicated in a theft investigation.

Allegedly, they were accused of receiving USD$150 each from the stolen funds. The officers allegedly demanded a bribe of $150 from both Changamire and his associate, Tawanda Changamire, to avoid being prosecuted alongside Justin Saizi, who was also mentioned in the investigation. Changamire was then instructed to procure the bribe money.

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CID Officers in hot soup over bribe
Two CID officers arrested for bribery-Image Source@istock

The Bribery Incident at the police station

The following day, Laston and Tawanda Changamire visited the police station, where they were reportedly subjected to further intimidation by the accused officers. Fearing the consequences, the complainants succumbed to the pressure, and Tawanda Changamire handed over USD$100 to one of the accused individuals. Following this, they were released from custody and were made free despite the alleged allegations against them.

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Discovery of the Bribery

The incident came to light after an informant disclosed the details to the Anti-corruption Trust of Southern Africa. Subsequently, the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and CID headquarters were notified of the alleged corruption. The two officers were then arrested and remanded into custody while they faced trial for the charge.

The two accused officers are scheduled to appear in court for trial on April 15.

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