WATCH: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Christ Embassy HQ In Nigeria Catches Fire

This Sunday morning, reports came in all over social media that the Christ Embassy HQ in Nigeria had been engulfed in a fire. Videos and pictures circulated all over social media of the heartbreaking event.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the esteemed President and founder of LoveWorld Incorporated, widely known as Christ Embassy, has conveyed a powerful message of optimism and resilience following the fire at the church’s headquarters. He asserted that the incident was not a setback but a divine opportunity to create something even more magnificent.

Pastor Chris’ Vision for Greater Glory

During a live broadcast of the Sunday service from the church’s campground in Asese, Pastor Chris shared his reflections on the event. He highlighted that the fire, which swept through the church building in Oregun, Ikeja, had captured significant attention on social media early Sunday morning.

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Pastor Chris recalled a similar moment of crisis during the 2001 Ikeja cantonment bombing. He described how the church building had withstood severe vibrations, leading them to initially consider reconstruction. However, the structure remained sound, demonstrating resilience. Drawing from this experience, Pastor Chris expressed his determination to rebuild the current structure to be even more grandiose and beautiful.

A Testimony of Faith

“Nothing happens in the life of a child of God by accident,” Pastor Chris emphasized. He shared his thoughts from that pivotal moment in 2001, stating:

“I thought to myself that if it collapsed, I was going to build a bigger, better one. At the end of the day, it didn’t collapse, and we called the engineers to see if there was any need to bring it down and rebuild, but it was still okay. Now that this has happened, we will build a bigger, better, and more glorious one, and the devil will lick his wound.”

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Community Response

As the fire broke out, the prompt response from the Lagos Fire Service helped to manage the situation effectively. Fortunately, there were no reports of casualties, underscoring a collective sense of relief and gratitude among the community.

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