Wedding bells for Muvhango actor Kgosi

Wedding bells for Muvhango actor Kgosi

Kgosi wants to take his relationship with Reneilwe to the next level on Muvhango.

You might ask what’s above marriage? Well, the two got married a few months ago, but lobola wasn’t paid. They’re now expecting their first child together.

At first, Reneilwe wanted to abort the child as she wasn’t ready, but has since come around and seems to have accepted her new reality.

Kgosi wants to take his relationship with Reneilwe

Kgosi’s being a controlling hubby, trying to convince her to resign or take early maternity leave. He even went to his uncle, Azwindini, to make his intentions known and ask him to help draft a lobola letter to her family. What he’s done seems noble and sweet, but the least he could’ve done was to tell Reneilwe how he feels. That way, he’ll know if they’re on the same page or not. Reneilwe was shocked to find out he wants to pay lobola for her, and she doesn’t seem interested. Her family is now saying he needs to pay damages for their unborn child before paying anything towards the lobola. Kgosi could’ve handled the matter better.

Kgosi wants to take his relationship with Reneilwe

Meanwhile, Azwindini’s family has been receiving what he calls death threats. The last straw was his family waking up to blood-stained walls. His family believes it’s a warning from his ancestors, while he suspects someone wants him dead. The first person he suspected is Nkele, Reneilwe’s mum, and he was quick to confront her about it. Poor Nkele is just as clueless.

On My Brother’s Keeper, there’s trouble in paradise for Nomusa and her husband, Nqubeko. This comes after Nqubeko’s second wife, Fakazile, claimed their newborn baby’s not their husband’s but his late brother Thuthuka’s. It’s all a mess. This is all because Fakazile wants to get back at Nqubeko and his family. I’m not saying she’s lying about Thuthuka, but it’s just strange that this is only being brought up now, as their marriage has hit rock bottom.

Nomusa has been struggling to conceive and now with the new developments, she’s starting to believe she may not have fertility issues and that the issue may be with her husband. Society needs to normalise men and women getting tested for their fertility as women are often the ones who bear the brunt when a couple’s battling to conceive. No one should be ashamed of this as it’s not something they have control over.

Donga and his wife are in a good space again. They’re planning to open a shisanyama, helping them gain their independence. For years, Donga’s dad Mshengu has been pestering him about heading the family business Shaba Snax, but he’s never been interested. It’s always been important for Donga to stand on his own feet. Big up to him. Let’s hope it works out for them. They really need it.


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