Wicknell endorses the Zig

Sir Wicknell recently took to his social media to comment on this video and endorse the introduction of the new currency backed by gold, the ZiG.

I watched this video with the greatest pride as Madzibaba delivered arguably the simplest explanation of Government’s ingenous and unprecedented introduction of the new Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) currency last Friday. My delight is primarily driven by the sense of deep PATRIOTISM that Madzibaba ascribes to our Nation of Zimbabwe, and the importance of embracing our own currency in order to realize its value locally and abroad.

The Second Republic has relentlessly shown its commitment to tame hyperinflation and stabilize the economy by introducing a gold standard, which makes the ZiG currency backed by various precious minerals, predominantly GOLD. This unparalleled act of brilliance which leverages on our Country’s natural endowment of massive gold reserves and vast deposits of precious minerals is set to instill considerable confidence in the new Monetary Policy initiative. As “Madzibaba ZiG” aptly explains it, “marrying” our local currency to the international prices of gold nd other traded commodities on the precious metals market will go a long way towards safeguarding the ZiG from the vagaries of unjustified inflation, mostly driven by market speculations and manipulation by our detractors. With this new currency, Zimbabwe is poised to achieve its 2030 Vision of becoming an upper middle income economy!

As a well traveled businessman, I have come to the realization that what gives any currency it’s value is predominantly the trust ascribed to it by its people and confidence in the Monetary Policy of a Country. It his high time as Zimbabweans we emulate the pride and patriotism as demonstrated by madzibaba in supporting our homegrown solution to stabilize the economy. A Country’s economy cannot survive on borrowed currencies or economic and monetary systems that it has no control over. It is an indictment upon ourselves as a people and an injustice to the future generations if we are to continue abandoning our own currency in favour of foreign currencies whose continued use is clearly unsustainable.

The time and opportunity has now come for Zimbabweans who truly have their motherland at heart to embrace and support this astute policy, which I believe will revive our economy for the better. The penchant for critiquing all Government initiatives (no matter how good they are) especially by failed and fragmented  opposition outfits must be ignored and focus must be turned on building our Nation BRICK by BRICK, stone upon stone. Condemning the Second Republic’s brilliant policies is just the full time job for a fraction opposition stooges, who posture themselves as anti-Zimbabwean and yet “pro-Western” for selfish and personal gain. Zimbabwe’s full potential and prowess cannot be held at ransom by the empty conjecture of these few “opposition” figures who have failed to manage the financial affairs of their own disintegrated political parties but only succeeded in changing their names and identity every other year !

I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Second Republic, ably led by H. E. Mnangagwa on the introduction of the ZiG, that is truly a stroke of genius. I equally call upon all patriotic Zimbabweans to embrace the new currency, as it is the best economic solution to our yesteryear challenges.

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