Yadah coach defends Khama Billiat

YADAH coach Thomas Ruzive has come to the defense of his team’s marquee signing, Khama Billiat, who has yet to make a significant impact since his return to the local league amidst high expectations. Ruzive believes that Billiat will need time to adjust to the Zimbabwean league, which he claims has less quality compared to the South African league where Billiat has played most of his club football.

Ruzive’s comments came after Yadah suffered a 3-1 defeat to Bulawayo Chiefs at Luveve Stadium, where Billiat struggled with his performance, particularly in the first half. However, Ruzive noted that Billiat showed improvement in the second half, despite missing a chance to score. The coach also pointed out that Billiat’s efforts were hindered by his teammates’ inability to capitalize on the opportunities he created.

According to Ruzive, the difference in quality between the Zimbabwean league and the South African league is significant, with South Africa attracting top players from around Africa. Ruzive emphasized that South African clubs prioritize quality when selecting players, which gives them an edge over their Zimbabwean counterparts.

In addition to adjusting to the local footballing style, Ruzive mentioned that they are also working on improving Billiat’s fitness, as he had been sidelined for several months prior to joining Yadah. The coach believes that with time and proper training, Billiat will be able to showcase his true potential and make a positive impact for the team.

Ruzive also attributed his players’ struggles during the match to the poor condition of the pitch, which may have affected their performance. Despite the challenges faced by Billiat and the team, Ruzive remains optimistic about their prospects and is confident that they will continue to work hard to improve and achieve success in the league.

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